The food we eat contributes to our overall heath and energy levels.  Check out these handy tools for more information on a healthy diet:
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Nutrition and Physical Health Apps (apps are located in the apps store)

MyFitnessPal- App that teaches you how to think critically about the foods you buy and supports healthy diets. Free with In-App purchases.
Nutrients- App that teaches you about and supports healthy and proper nutrition and provides healthy recipes. Nutrition Facts
SideChef- App that offers inspirational recipes and instruction on how to cook them. Free with In-App purchases.
Shopwell- App that helps you maintain your nutritional goals and requirements. Free
Mindfulness Coach- App created by the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs to help
teach mindfulness to service members and veterans. Free
Lala Breakfast- App that provides nutritional support and advice for the whole family and engages children in the process. $2.99
Sleep Cycle- App that helps track and analyze your sleep patterns and recommends improvement and changes. Free
TribeSports Training- App that offers workout trainings, tracking, interactive community, and goal maintenance. Free
Simply Yoga- This app has many different yoga workouts, which vary in time from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. $3.99.