What does job satisfaction mean to line staff?

In 2009, the Bureau of Justice Assistance funded a study to enhance hiring, retention and leadership development by providing correctional leaders with evidence-based workplace insights.

Over 2,000 line staff and 500 administrators responded, but their views on job satisfaction and their work environments were vastly different.

In this video, Lexipol co-founder Gordan Graham shares why leaders must understand how line staff perceive job satisfaction in order to improve correctional officer recruitment and retention.  

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Resources for Jail Leaders, Chaplains

Many senior- and mid-level jail administrators will reach retirement age within the next few years. Without adequate preparation, jails will struggle with a rapid loss of experienced leaders in the not-too-distant future. The challenge facing jails today is to discover new ways to retain and groom experienced employees for leading jails tomorrow and to recruit new employees with high qualifications as the jail leaders of the future. 

The resources on this site are dedicated to continued growth in professionalization and effectiveness of jail leadership both now and in the future.

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