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There are more than 3,500 local jails and correctional institutions throughout the United States. The American Jail Association offers a career resource center for any  individual who is seeking a position in the corrections field.  Successful candidates possess superior skills, integrity, and knowledge. 

Welcome to AJA’s career center for individuals seeking a position in the local corrections field.
A career as a corrections officer is an exceptional opportunity and calling. In fact, the profession is expected to grow as more and more Baby Boomers retire.
Recruiting Now!
Most correctional facilities are not only interested in recruiting staff—they are also invested in the growth and development of their officers. As a result, most facilities provide their officers and staff with on-the-job training, such as firearms, self-defense, CPR, first aid, drug/alcohol awareness, and many other topics.
Many Opportunities for Success!
In addition, the correctional field has many advancement opportunities for staff to attain higher ranking and supervisory positions. Training in the correctional field also opens the door to other possibilities such as social work, probation and parole officers, substance abuse counselors, and more.
More Than Just Officers
Not all staff serving in jails are corrections officers. Positions range from administrative, accounting, classification, commissary, ICE (287g) departments to correctional health nurses (LPNs and RNs), food service, intake, information technology, records technician, and transportation.

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