Certified Jail Manager



The Certified Jail Manager certification  
is for executives and those in upper
management. Candidates are tested
on their expertise regarding:

  • Management / Professional Issues

  • Inmate Management

  • Communications

  • Environment /Equipment

  • Special Populations

  • Support Services                               
Lt. Craig Demange Jr., CJM 
Collier County Sheriff's Office

A Certified Jail Manager receives a level of professional
respect in dealings with members of the public, policy
makers,and local government executives that exceeds the
level of respect that most others in the field receive in
similar interactions.

                                         –Bryan Baker, MPA, CJM 

Although general knowledge of the experienced
jail manager and familiarity with curr
enpractices are
what is required to pass the examination,  the 
CJM Resource Guide will be of some assistance in
preparing for the examination. The list of resources
is neither all-inclusive nor exhaustive

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