Make Your Case: Get Approval

AJA’s Conference & Jail Expo at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center in Long Beach, California from May 21-25, 2022 can provide you with the tools to better operate and support both your facility and your professional development. Your registration form is completed and almost ready to be sent. Now it’s time to request professional and financial support from your supervisor/agency. Let AJA help.
To assist with getting your request approved, here are some suggestions on how to discuss the benefits of conference attendance with your supervisor.
Details: Create a list of short- and long-term professional and personal goals. Review the AJA conference schedule to find the sessions that would help you achieve them. Then outline for your supervisor the sessions that would be beneficial to your organization and professional growth.
Reasons to Go: Strengthen your request by explaining the top reasons you need to attend.

  • Training & Education: Attending the conference allows you and your facility access to 60+ high quality educational workshops designed specifically for jail professionals and relevant to local jails. Attendees can take the knowledge gained and invest it back into their careers, agencies, and facilities.
  • Professional Networking: Relationships formed at the conference can become a group to whom you can consistently contact for new ideas, innovative strategies on how to solve issues in facility operations and management, and an exchange of solutions that have worked.
  • Products & Technologies: Be the first to review new and emerging jail technologies, products, and services with access to 200+ exhibitors.
  • Agency Representation: While not everyone can attend, you can represent your agency and return with a contact list of individuals and vendors you meet and an outline or report of the sessions attended. Your attendance can give your colleagues access to valuable information.
  • Community Support: Support your professional association, AJA, the National Voice of Local Corrections.   

Still need help making your case or a more formal request to submit? See our Get Approval E-mail Template that can be customized and submitted to your supervisor.