Fitness is an integral part of overall health.  A consistent fitness routine can help promote strength, flexibility, weight control and stress relief to name a few. Here are some resources to help you stay on track:

Fitness-On-Demand: these include Jillian Michaels, SH1FT, Zumba, Daily Burn, Plyoga, Interactive Cycling, and more. Content covers everything from high-intensity workouts to functional fitness for strength and mobility to wind down, stretching and relaxation after a long day virtually from home or on-site in our fitness facility.

Get up and get moving!
Additional links to general websites focusing on nutrition and fitness.
  1. , great website for better guidance and ways to improve your diet.
  2. , another source to consider and look at.
  3. , good information.
  4. , great sight for getting ALL the nutritional value of the foods that you are ingesting. 
  5. is one of the best weight loss apps and fitness apps to help track your goals.