Wellness Leaflets

Free Leaflets for Corrections Staff – for Your Well-being!
Hello, great corrections staff! Corrections work is difficult. We provide the below short, convenient leaflets to support your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. These leaflets were written specifically for those who serve in corrections, based on issues shared by staff with AJA Chaplain Linda Ahrens.

  • Please access any for yourself and your loved ones.
  • If you serve in Administration at your agency, or you’ve a chaplain (employee or volunteer), dedicated to your correctional staff, please consider sharing these with all your staff. You may want to do so via a staff intranet, in print form, as PDFs to email to staff – or all three; it’s up to you! 
  • Also, feel free to print out this handy list, which can be offered to your staff, to easily make them aware of the leaflets and how to access them from this site. You can edit the highlighted areas with your chaplain's contact details or your agency information. 
To use these:
  • Download your selections.
  • On each, replace the field with the author name/email (Chaplain Linda Ahrens, etc.), with your agency’s name, logo, and/or the name and contact info of a chaplain who supports your staff.
  • There are two versions (portrait/vertical & trifold). Use either or both:
    • Trifold (a single sheet, double-sided), works best for printing to hand out or display in racks.
    •  Portrait/vertical works best to email to staff, or to post any on your agency intranet. To do so, add your agency name, logo, etc., to the portrait Word version, then save it as a PDF before loading onto your intranet, or emailing to a member of staff.
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