Reentry & Reintegration Strategies Survey

Thank you for your participation in this important national re-entry survey!

The American Jail Association (AJA) Reentry and Reintegration Strategies Committee was established in 2016 at the direction of Association President Wayne Dicky. His charge to the committee was to seek the opinions of jail employees about their perceptions of reentry services.

“Reentry, for the purposes of this survey, is broadly defined as a process for delivering support and services to people released from jail to their community to improve public safety and reintegration outcomes.”

The committee determined the best method to ascertain this information was to conduct a national survey. The purpose of this survey is to:

  1. Collect data for AJA to reflect the current state of reentry programs nationally;
  2. Identify effective practices that can be replicated;
  3. Discuss barriers that hinder the reentry process and improve quality assurance.

The Survey results will be independently analyzed and compiled by the University of Colorado Denver’s School of Education & Human Development and disseminated to the AJA community. The findings will be used to identify best practices and model programs that can be instructive to staff, and further the development of jail reentry programming. Dissemination of information may occur in AJA publications and presentations to a wider audience and suggest potentially effective models, methods, and strategies for reentry quality improvement.

Once again, thank you for your willingness to participate in this survey and to assist the American Jail Association to better inform the community on this timely, important and pressing issue of jail re-entry services.

Best regards,
Jeffery L. Newton, CJM
Committee Chair