Tentative and Subject to Change

  • How Staff Health and Wellness Plays a Major Role in Staying…or Going
  • Onboarding Process: Set Your Applicants Up for Success
  • Leadership and Employee Development: Keys for Supervisors to Help Retain and Develop
  • Toxic Culture:  Solutions to Create a Healthy Workplace (Part 1 & 2)
  • Why Are My New Hires Leaving?
  • Helping Your Staff Identify and Process Trauma
  • Mentor…Coach…Keep!
  • Using Social Media to Recruit, Retain and Tell Your Story
  • Recruiting and Hiring for a Highly Productive Team: Don’t Just Recruit Quarterbacks
  • Franklin County:  Designing a Facility to Support Resilient Staff (two presentations)
  • What Does Your Staff REALLY Want You to Know—Voices of the Line Staff
  • Cook County Sheriff’s Office: Staff Wellness and Staff Chaplaincy
  • Overtime: How Does Mandatory Overtime Affect Staff?