How to Become a Workshop Host

The mission of the American Jail Association is to “… lead, educate, and support jail professionals to enhance public safety.”

Help us to continue to achieve our mission by hosting one of our multi-day workshops throughout the year.  There are requirements to host a workshop.  Below is a summary of Host Responsibilities:

  1. The Host agrees to have their agency name on AJA’s website as the co-host.
  2. The Host agrees to provide a recommended list of hotels for attendees. This may be posted on the AJA website.
  3. The Host agrees to circulate the promotional materials provided by AJA across their state and to colleagues, wherever they may be located.
  4. The Host commits to fill 20 or more seats in the class through these promotional efforts at least six weeks before the first day of the class.  This will ensure the class confirmation and the ability for attendees to take advantage of reasonable airfares and hotel rates. 
  5. The Host agrees to provide a training room and audio visual equipment as follows:
  • LCD projector
  • Projection screen
  • Electrical package
  • Flip charts/markers
  • Clicker for PowerPoint presentation
  • Speaker system for videos embedded in PowerPoint presentations
    Note: It would be helpful for someone with IT abilities to be present during first day set up.
  1. The Host may provide an attendee facility tour, if time and facility operations allow.
  2. The Host agrees to provide transportation to/from the airport and training site for faculty and staff.
  3. The Host agrees to provide parking spaces for attendees.
  4. The Host agrees to provide, at a minimum, light snacks and beverages during the workshop.
Click here to see the Host Responsibilities.  If you can meet these requests, please send the form to with your first, second, and third topic choices.

We would like to accommodate everyone’s requests so we try to choose locations that are accessible to as many jail professionals as possible.  Our goal is to take budgetary constraints into consideration by avoiding the need to rent cars, providing a range of hotel rates, and making sure there are places to network after hours. 

Some of the criteria the Training and Professional Development Committee uses to choose a location include:
Ease of transportation
Are there a convenient number of flights in to and out of the airport?
Is it an easily drivable location?
Hotel accommodations
Are there hotels close to the training site?
Is there an array of walkable restaurants close to the training site and hotel?
Are there walkable venues where participants can get together in the evening to continue getting to know one another and to discuss the challenges they face?
What is there to do?
Everyone likes to go somewhere different.  Is your location a draw?

If you have any questions, please contact Lori at or at 301-857-2620