Training Webinars

The videos contained herein are the recorded version of the "live" webinar.

Select From the following areas of interest:

In conjunction with the PREA Resource Center, AJA delivered several classes ranging from basic PREA Standards to audits. Use this information as a refresher or an introduction. Then go to for even more information or assistance.


The best way to protect your facility is with knowledge. The jail practitioner is tasked with understanding how to navigate sometimes muddy waters of new legislation to mitigate risk. These webinars cover specific legal challenges that can occur to assist in your daily operations in addition to how new rulings impact your operations.


Our greatest resource is our staff. By giving them the tools to protect their mind, body, and spirit, we can increase the strength of our jail’s foundation.


The health of the inmate population is a never-ending problem. From mental illness to diabetes or other illnesses, these webinars address just a few of the myriad problems found in jails every day.


Are you a leader or just a manager? A good leader is both. These webinars help you to be the kind of leader whom others want to follow.


The list of challenges in the daily operation of your jail is endless. These webinars offer encouragement and provide new ideas to address those challenges.


The Creating Connections Series based on submissions for our 2020 Conference. Presenters have revised their sessions to keep training in jails during the COVID restrictions.


These podcasts are a check-in with jails around the country during the COVID pandemic. Your colleagues share how they are managing during this challenging time.