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AJA’s Professional Development Seminars & Webinars
focus exclusively on issues specific to the operations of local correctional facilities.

These single or multi-day intensive seminars & webinars provide beneficial and useful information to bring back for use in your facility. Many times the greatest learning experiences come from the networking. Classes include practitioners from all around the country. Many attendees keep in touch with those friends and colleagues they met through AJA training!

Join the thousands of correctional professionals who have turned to AJA for training, while advancing their careers, and strengthening their agencies.

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2019 Schedule
Seminars & Webinars

(subject to change)

TBD | Webinar - Training Management Series - Complimentary
Managing and Delivering a Performance-Driven Training Program: Delivery Methods and Strategies
Instructor:  Michael Dooley

Knowing “what” we want to train our staff is one thing. Delivering it to them is quite another. This webinar focuses on methods and strategies that deliver content and assist staff in getting the skills they need to do their jobs. This webinar discusses several proven methods and strategies that ensure participants can achieve training performance objectives and provide the knowledge and skills that must be demonstrated to keep our jails safe and secure, in addition to meeting the demands and expectations of the public.
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TBD | Seminar - Denver, Colorado - Postponed
Foundational Supervisory Skills: Is It a Tool Kit or a War Bag?
Lead Instructor:  Sam Davis

This seminar is designed for new and seasoned supervisors seeking tools to help them succeed in the
correctional environment. Many times, new supervisors are not prepared to move from peer status to
supervisor within 24 hours. Instructors will share their lessons learned and what they wished they had
known for this difficult transition.

March 28, 2019 | Webinar - Training Management Series - Complimentary
Managing and Delivering a Performance-Driven Training Program: Performance-Based Evaluation Methods
Instructor:  Michael Dooley

Building off Kirkpatrick’s model of measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of a training program, this webinar focuses on strategies to evaluate the trainee’s ability to apply knowledge and demonstrate the skills to do their jobs. From the most basic evaluation, the “written test,” participants in this webinar explore methods to test a trainee’s practical ability to perform skills learned in training and needed to perform their jobs. These methods test not only “what” a trainee knows, but also how well they apply what they have learned in the classroom.
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May 6-7, 2019 | Seminar - Fort Walton, Florida
Suicide: Prevention, Intervention, & Recognizing the Signs
Lead Instructor:  Krista Chick

Suicide is the leading cause of death in jails. Attendees at this seminar will learn how to recognize the warning signs of suicidal behavior. Mental health issues are on the rise among inmates. Attendees will learn how to recognize symptoms of common mental health disorders and how to respond in crisis situations, particularly when an inmate is experiencing a mental or emotional crisis. Attendees also will receive an overview of community training programs offered nationwide (Mental Health First Aid, Crisis Intervention Training, etc.).

June 11 - 12, 2019 | Seminar - Atlanta, Georgia
Use of Force in Jails
Instructor: Carrie Hill

This two-day class is designed to assist the Jail Command Staff, Supervisors, and Tactical/SRT team leaders and members in the use of force.