AJA’s Professional Development Workshops 
focus exclusively on issues specific to the operations of local correctional facilities.

These single or multi-day intensive workshops provide beneficial and useful information to bring back for use in your facility. Many times the greatest learning experiences come from the networking. Classes include practitioners from all around the country. Many attendees keep in touch with those friends and colleagues they met through AJA training!

Join the thousands of correctional professionals who have turned to AJA for training, while advancing their careers, and strengthening their agencies.

2019 Schedule

(subject to change)

                                                                                         August 19 -21, 2019 | Workshop - Santee, California
Objective Jail Classification and Beyond
Lead Instructor: Amanda Lambert

This workshop provides participants with best business practices that are supported through research, evidence and case law in implementing an objective jail classification process.  The workshop will begin with a basic overview of the fundamentals of OJC and will advance into housing plans for special populations, needs assessments, reclassification of offenders, disciplinary infractions, keep separates, gangs, protective custody, programming, re-entry and sustainability of an implemented Objective Jail Classification process.  The workshop will guide participants in the development of policies, procedures and data collection relevant to classification, reclassification and housing plans.  The workshop will identify stakeholders that can provide funding, leadership, training and programs to support a progressive approach to mitigating risk. Attendees will be provided a case study to classify, house, re-classify, and provide programs and re-entry services during this 2.5 day workshop .
               August 20 - 21, 2019 | Workshop - Las Vegas, Nevada
Use of Force in Jails
Lead Instructor: Carrie Hill  

This two-day class is designed to assist the Jail Command Staff, Supervisors, and Tactical/SRT team leaders and members in the use of force.  Instructors will discuss the latest legal developments in the use of force including a review of the Kingsley case with an emphasis on pre-trial detainees.   Recent court cases from around the nation involving the use of force will be reviewed.   Attendees of this class will receive instruction in how the public’s perception of the use of force has changed over the years with an emphasis on report writing.  The impact of video in corrections will also be a focal point as will the importance of the consistency of training throughout the entire agency in areas such as firearms, internal affairs and legal elements.