Past President's Initiatives

In 2019, the American Jail Association established the President's Initiative to focus on an issue of importance in the field of corrections.

At the 38th Annual Conference & Jail Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, AJA President Elias Diggins introduced the first initiative: Gender Equity in Jails Across America. The following year, AJA President Marsha P. Travis, recognizing the continued need for focus in the area of gender equity, continued the initiative.

In April 2021, during AJA's Virtual Conference & Jail Expo, AJA President Mandy Lambert announced Staff Health and Wellness as the President's Initative. She pledges that during her tenure, AJA will focus its efforts on finding solid and innovative solutions to managing correctional staff stress. 

AJA has established these President's Initiative pages to serve as a resource for those addressing these issues in their agencies. If you have something to contribute to these pages, please send it to Interium Director of Marketing and Communications Jody West.