Agreement Terms

Membership Terms and Conditions
These terms and conditions refer to your membership with the American Jail Association (AJA) and any payment transactions between you and AJA. It also covers certain elements that may apply to nonmembers either (a) prior to application and payment of membership dues; or (b) after your membership has lapsed or you have retired, so please read this carefully.
Section 1: Applying for Membership
Applications for membership may be submitted by any individuals who are eligible for membership as detailed in the AJA Bylaws. When submitting an application for membership, you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions of the membership and bylaws of AJA. If you are eligible for membership, your membership will be activated in the appropriate member category after acceptance of your application and payment of the membership fee.
AJA retains the right to amend its membership categories, benefits, and criteria at its sole discretion, without prior notice, at any time. However, any details of such amendments will be posted on the AJA website. Please refer to the membership section of the AJA website for details. AJA retains the right to refuse applications for membership, but will offer the opportunity to appeal the decision.
Section 2: Payment of Membership Dues
Payment of membership dues is required at the time the application is completed. The initial term begins when payment is received and membership is activated by AJA (“Effective Date”), and ends approximately 12 months after start date (depending on renewal cycle). Approximately thirty (30) days before the end of the initial term or any renewal term, AJA will issue an e-mail reminder to you for renewal of membership for an additional 1-year term, at AJA’s then current rate for annual dues, payable upon receipt. You will continue to receive notices until you complete their renewal, or your membership is terminated. (See Section 4 below.).
AJA retains the right to change the membership fee you pay but will inform you about any such changes before the new fees are implemented. AJA retains the right to change the definition and eligibility criteria for any discounted rate.
AJA retains the right to offer and/or change any promotional offers and special prices, but will inform members who may be affected of any such changes.
Section 3: Duration of Membership
Unless specified otherwise in a special promotion, your AJA membership is valid through the end of your anniversary month. Your complimentary American Jails subscription will be activated as soon as possible following receipt of your membership application and payment. However, due to administrative requirements and depending on the date your application is received, this time period may extend up to eight (8) weeks. Once your subscription is active, you will have access to all historical online American Jails articles, access to iConnect, discount rates on events and training, and access to all members’ only areas of the website.
Section 4: Termination of Membership
If you wish to discontinue your membership in AJA, you can cancel your membership at any time by contacting AJA. Your membership will expire at the end of your anniversary month, and AJA will not refund any fees already paid for the preceding period. Notification should be provided to AJA by e-mail at or by writing to: American Jail Association, ATTN: Membership Department, 1135 Professional Ct., Hagerstown, MD 21740.
The membership of any regular member whose dues are more than 30 days overdue after two reminders were sent shall be terminated without further notice.
Section 5: Reimbursement of Membership Fees or Other Payments
In the event of an error by AJA at the time of membership registration or payment, AJA will refund the incorrectly-charged membership fees or other payment. Once the membership application and payment have been processed by AJA, resulting in benefits being administered to the member, there will be no refund or reimbursement of the membership dues payment. AJA will not refund any fees for the preceding period after termination of membership. Payments are not exchangeable, transferable, and may not be applied as credit to other products or services now, in the future, or toward past debts. This applies to all forms of payment whether online, paper, or otherwise paid with a credit card, check, cash, or wire transfer.

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