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Superintendent / Chief of Security
1.         Title                                                                                        Agency
            Chief of Security/Superintendent                                           Bristol County
                                                                                                Sheriff’s Office
  1.       Agency Code                         Salary Grade                         Date
Non-Union                                     Spc                                   Prepared  2/2024
3.         General statement of duties and responsibilities:
Responsible for the operation and security, supervision and management of Bristol County Sheriff’s Office correctional facilities, and care and custody of inmates detained or sentenced to the BCSO facilities and Regional Lock-Up.  Chief security officer for the Bristol County Jail and House of Correction.
4.         Supervision received: (title of supervisor)
  1. Supervision exercised: (titles of persons supervised)
Assistant Superintendents of Security, Assistant Deputy Superintendents of Security (Major’s), ADS of Classification, ADS of Communications, and  Transportation, Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, Correction Officers, Regional Lock-Up operations, Property Staff, K-9 Division, Clerical Staff assigned to the office of Superintendent. 
  1. Duties and responsibilities:
  1. Shall maintain care and custody of the inmate population committed to the care and custody of the Bristol County Sheriff by directing subordinates under their control and monitoring the responsibilities of the Assistant Superintendents of Security, and the units assigned to the Detention Division.
  1. Shall ensure all staff are responsible for committing to the mission and philosophy of the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office.
  1. Oversees the daily operation and supervises all correctional staff, managing their actions, and performing proper discipline when needed.
  1. Shall act as a duty officer by being accessible to command staff on 24-hour call.
  1. Shall plan and develop and implement action plans and problem solve within supervised divisions.
  1. Shall adhere to budgetary allocations.
  1. Prepares staff and facility for periodic inspections as well as ensuring compliance of all policy and procedures.
  1. Responsible to incarcerate, house, safe keep, correct, govern, and employ offenders legally committed there by the courts of the commonwealth or United States.
  1. Responsible to detain and hold all persons charged with a crime and committed for trial or those persons arrested and not admitted to bail prior to arraignment.
  1. Maintains order in the correctional facility and takes all necessary means to maintain such order, enforce obedience, suppress insurrection, and prevent escapes.
  1. Responsible for disciplining all inmates in the county correctional facility who violate the laws of the commonwealth or departmental rules and regulations.
  1. Prepares reports for the Sheriff concerning significant occurrences within the facility.
  1. Ensures that paperwork generated by staff is properly prepared, screened, and routed.
  1. Prepares correspondence, reports, memoranda, and other documentation as required.
  1. Promotes and maintains open channels of communication with all staff and inmates.
  1. Make appropriate referrals as to inmates who may have behavioral, medical, or other problems so that security and safety precautions may be taken and referral made for medical, religious, or other services.
  1. Ensures that periodic rounds, head counts, and security checks of building and grounds are conducted pursuant to policy.
  1. Operate two way radio equipment and other communication devices.
  1. May be issued, carry, and utilize firearms and other security restraint equipment if necessary and if trained and certified for such use.
  1. Resolve conflicts between or among inmates.
  1. Initiates the implementation of any Jail and House of Correction emergency procedure.
  1. Acts as an investigator in any matter deemed necessary by the Sheriff.
  1. Exercise direct responsibility for on-going evaluations of staff performance, schedule adherence, recommendations for commendations/discipline, and related staff management.
  1. Function as the chairperson for departmental weekly meetings to identify potential problems and negative behavioral trends within the inmate population.
  1. Function as the chairperson for institutional inmate management case conference meetings with Inmate Services personnel to develop strategies to safely and humanely house inmates who have difficult behavioral problems and are self-injurious due to their mental health issues.
  1. Serves as a confidential employee to the Sheriff.
  1. Performs other related duties as designated by the Sheriff or their designee.
Position: Superintendent / Chief of Security
Organization: Bristol County Sheriff's Office
Location: Dartmouth,  MA 
United States
Salary: $150,000
Posting Start Date: 2/1/2024
Date Posted: 2/1/2024
Requirements Master’s degree/or with at least ten years relevant correctional management experience.
The ability to manage through effective communications, coordinate a variety of projects and employees to accomplish goals.
Working knowledge of the management of correctional facilities and elements of criminal law.
Considerable knowledge of the habits, attitudes, behavior, privileges, and restrictions afforded inmates.
Status: This listing expires on: 3/17/2024
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Organization Information
Bristol County Sheriff's Office
400 Faunce Corner Road

Dartmouth,  MA 02747
United States
(508) 995-6400
Caitlin Demelo