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Detention Deputy In Training (Non-certified)


The responsibility of the Detention Deputy In Training is the security and integrity of the facility, which includes prevention of escape, injury to the staff, or injury to inmates. Due to the classification status of inmates housed in the housing units of the Hernando County Detention Center, extreme caution must be exercised during the normal discharge of duties. The Detention Deputy In Training works in close coordination with the Operations Control Room Member and the Shift Supervisor. The duties of the Operations Deputy assigned to directly supervise inmates housed in this section, including visitation, meals, phone calls, linen and uniform exchanges, movement of inmates and recreation. Operations Deputy reports directly to the Operations Corporal assigned by the Operations Sergeant.


  1. The on-coming Detention Deputy In Training, assigned to the area will conduct a head count, in accordance with agency policies, ensuring that visual confirmation of a human torso is the only confirmation of the inmate’s presence
  2. All activities, emergencies, inmate movements, video visitation, recreation, programs, and incident reports will be noted in the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO)approved Jail Management System (JMS).
  3. In the event an inmate is identified as a “Special Needs Inmate,” per Florida Model Jail Standards, the Housing Detention Deputy will visually monitor inmate activity at a minimum of every fifteen (15) minutes and record such activity in the JMS.
  4. Supervise the distribution of inmate meals and exercise control over the trays, utensils and cup/milk cartons to ensure accountability.
  5. Responsible for the proper recreation of the inmates in accordance with established policy and procedures.
  6. Escort and standby with any Medical personnel for the distribution of medications and any emergency situations in which medical assistance is required.
  7. Responsible for the proper control and use of security keys or any security equipment assigned.
  8. Responsible for the cleanliness of the housing unit.
  9. Keep control of razors and issue razors to inmates at designated times, in accordance with designated procedures.
  10. Collect outgoing mail between 2345 and 0045 hours daily. Verify the name and return address on each letter with the inmate ID card. Screen mail in accordance with Paragraph 9.03, Section (C) of Florida Model Jail Standards (FMJS) and established Hernando County Sheriff's Office Detention Directives
  11. Deliver mail to the control center or mailroom, whichever is appropriate.
  12. Conduct random and periodic searches of the housing area for the purpose of control of contraband, weapons, and prohibited items.
  13. Pat down and/or search every inmate who leaves or returns to the housing unit.
  14. Be well versed in the proper use of the radio, telephone, intercom system and emergency alarm system.
  15. Perform additional duties as directed by higher authority.
Position: Detention Deputy In Training (Non-certified)
Organization: Hernando County Sheriff's Office
Location: Brooksville,  FL 
United States
Salary: $49,612.00 ($55,125 after academy)
Posting Start Date: 11/22/2023
Date Posted: 5/9/2024

    Training and Experience:

  1. In compliance with 943.13 F.S., the position requires the employee to be at least 18 years of age, be a citizen of the United States and be of good moral character.
  2. Possess a Valid Florida Driver License.
  3. Must have passed the Florida Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (FBAT/CJBAT) for Corrections within the last four years.

    Knowledge, Abilities and Skills:

  1. Knowledge of the application of Agency Detention Directives and detention practices.
  2. Knowledge of first aid practices.
  3. Knowledge of CPR
  4. Ability to understand oral and written instructions.
  5. Ability to react quickly and calmly in an emergency.
  6. Ability to work closely with others in a team.
  7. Ability to prepare and present clear, accurate, concise and objective written and oral reports.
  8. Ability to enforce the law, with use of control matrix, tact and impartiality and to deal courteously with peers, officers and the public.

    Essential Physical Skills:

  1. Ability to maintain an above average physical condition and to be able to physically maintain control of an inmate.
  2. 20/20 Vision (Corrected)
  3. Ability to crawl ten yards
  4. Ability to drag or lift or carry 150 pounds 25
  5. Ability to run 100 yards unassisted
  6. Ability to deal with and fend off verbal assaults
  7. Ability to walk unassisted
  8. Hearing: normal language level (assisted/unassisted)
  9. Manual dexterity
  10. Normal color perception
Status: This listing expires on: 6/23/2024
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Organization Information
Hernando County Sheriff's Office
18900 Cortez blvd

Brooksville,  FL 34601
United States
(352) 442-9119
Sergeant Brad Collito