Exhibitor FAQ for Cancellation

How is AJA handling the cancellation for exhibitors?

Due to the cancellation of the 2020 Conference, AJA is offering exhibitors several options for engagement with members and the industry. The booth space and sponsorships an exhibiting company paid for can be 1) used for AJA multimedia advertising; 2) moved forward to the 2021 Conference; 3) donated to AJA so we can continue to support jail professionals; 4) refunded.

Please review the 2020 Expo Funds Exchange or Refund Form for the full options. In order to process an exchange, donation, or refund, complete the form and return it by mail to AJA.


What is AJA offering for multimedia advertising?

AJA is well aware of the void that cancellations of in-person meetings have created for our loyal exhibiting partners and your ability to connect with our members and our members to connect with you. To that end, we are offering an exchange of exhibitor fees already paid be put toward multimedia advertising. Options include advertising space in our multimedia magazine and digital advertising. To see the full options based on booth space and sponsorships, download the form here.


What is AJA offering for exhibitors to move the fees paid to the 2021 show?

If you choose to move your exhibitor fees to the 2021 show in Columbus, Ohio, AJA will give you early access to select your booth space for 2021 at the guaranteed 2020 show booth rates. In order to process moving the funds forward, download and complete the form and return it by mail to AJA.


What is the donation option?

AJA is a non-profit organization. If you choose to donate your exhibitor fees to AJA, it would go towards our work supporting jail professionals. In order to process your fees as a donation, complete the form and return it by mail to AJA. Your donation might be tax-deductible. Please check with your tax advisor.


Can I get a refund?

Yes. AJA is also offering a refund of paid booth space, booth personnel badges, and sponsorship fees. In order to obtain a refund, complete the form and return it by mail to AJA.


Will I receive the 2020 pre-show attendee list?

AJA will not be distributing a pre-show list from the canceled 2020 Conference & Jail Expo.  


Are you refunding flights or other travel costs?

No, AJA is not refunding any individual travel costs. Please check with your hotel and airline for their refund policy. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Who do I contact if I have questions?

For questions, contact Katie. No phone calls at this time, please.


As a thank you for your support of AJA and patience as we have worked through a difficult situation, we will be publishing a listing of 2020 exhibiting partners in a coming issue of American Jails magazine.


Thank for your understanding as we all deal with this historic event.