Mentoring Jail Leaders

The Mentoring Jail Leaders (MJL) Program seeks to develop excellence in today and tomorrow’s jail leaders as an extension of the National Jail Leadership Command Academy (NJLCA). The mission of the MJL Program is to strengthen jail leadership. It is only one component of a larger effort in succession planning.

MJL is built on the foundation of a jail leader’s core competencies, and knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs).

The goals of the MJL are:
1. Link graduates of the National Jail Leadership Command Academy to mentors who will help them continue their growth;
2. Provide jails with future leaders who have been exposed to contemporary leadership principles;
3. Operationalize the core competencies of jail administrators identified by subject matter experts as critical for success;
4. Give a framework for jails to use to establish their own internal leadership development and/or mentorship program based on the core competencies, even if they didn’t have staff graduating from the NJLCA; 
5. Establish a network of support for new leaders, and
6. Enhance the job performance of experienced jail mid-managers as they mentor emerging leaders.

Graduates of the NJLCA who are interested in being a mentor in the MJL Program, may complete a Mentor Application Form.  Additional information for mentors may be found in the MJL Mentor Program materials.
Current enrollees, those currently attending or recent graduates of NJLCA who wish to participate in the MJL Program may complete a Mentee Application Form. (Priority will be given to current NJLCA enrollees and attendees. Recent graduates will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis when mentors are available.) Additional information for mentees may be found in the MJL Mentee Program materials.