Certified Jail Manager

Jail Manager Certification Commission (JMCC)

Left to right: Michael Harris, Tiffany Mass, Lisa Peck and Anthony Yeber. Not pictured: Jared Schechter.

The Jail Manager Certification Commission (JMCC) and the American Jail Association (AJA) promote the concept of voluntary certification for all jail managers. Certification is part of a process called credentialing and focuses specifically on the individual. It provides documented evidence to the public that the individual has been examined by an independent professional organization and found to possess current competency in his/her field. Certification documents the mastery of a strong level of knowledge in the specialty. It provides a form of recognition and achievement, indicating to one's peers that the individual has taken the time and effort, beyond job experience, to learn the Body of Knowledge, thus exhibiting a significant commitment to working in the profession.


1. Who is eligible to apply to become a Certified Jail Manager? 

Candidates must be employed full-time for a minimum of one year as a paid jail manager as defined in the Handbook for Candidates, or have been previously employed full-time for a minimum of one year as a paid jail manager with no more than a two-year lapse since last such employment at the time the examination is taken. Candidates not currently employed as a jail manager must state an intention to re-enter the field or jail management and provide documentation of employment when employment as a jail manager commences. Candidates are required to agree to adhere to the American Jail Association Code of Ethics.

2. Who qualifies as a Jail Manager?

A person (sworn or civilian) who directs, administers, and/or is in charge of the operations of a jail facility, division, bureau, department, program, and/or shift; and/or a person (sworn or civilian) who supervises the work and performance of an employee or employees in a jail facility.

3. How can I become a Certified Jail Manager?

The application and examination are online. Please download the CJM Handbook and the CJO & CJM Online Application and Exam Instructions for more information.

4. How can I obtain the necessary CJM application forms?

Download the CJM Application.

5. How much will the Certification process cost?

$499 for AJA members
$599 for nonmembers
$399 for Leadership Academy graduates. 

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CJM Resource List

Although general knowledge of the experienced jail manager and familiarity with current practices are what is required to pass the certification examination, the following list of resources might be of some assistance in preparing for the examination.

It is recommended that candidates review the Content of Examination & Content Outline listed in the Handbook for Candidates. If there are areas where you wish to increase your knowledge, the following list of resources may be helpful. It should be noted that the list of resources is neither all-inclusive nor exhaustive.

For more information on the American Jail Association's Certification Programs please contact Kendra Thompson, Certification Coordinator, at 301-790-3930 or click here to send an e-mail.