Co-Host Information

Cohosting an AJA seminar provides many jails with the opportunity to offer quality, professional training to their staff, even when faced with budgetary constraints and inadequate staffing.  Generally, the cohost agency can expect to receive three complimentary tuitions when the class has been confirmed.

We are all looking for ways to keep attendee cost down. One way is to utilize training facilities and transportation of the cohost facilities. If this would be an option at your facility, please let us know!

Following is information regarding the division of responsibilities between the American Jail Association and the cohost agency/organization:

AJA will be responsible for:

  1. Announcing the seminar nationally in the following ways: a) AJA’s training calendar, b) a brochure which will be mailed to all AJA members and U.S. jails, c) American Jails magazine, and d) AJA’s web site
  2. Collecting participant registration fees and maintaining a participant registration list.
  3. Negotiating a contract with a local hotel suitable to house the participants and conduct the training.
  4. Providing expert instructors to conduct the training; including instructor fees, lodging, per diem, and administrative and clerical costs.
  5. Providing class handouts, agendas, name badges, participant lists, supplemental training materials, and participant certificates of attendance.

The Co-host Agency/Organization will be responsible for:

The cohost agency plays a major role in the success of the Professional Development Seminar.  The following are means to assist AJA and your agency in holding a successful program:
  1. Commit to filling at least 10–15 spots with area and state colleagues.
  2. Assist AJA by providing any association, area, or state lists for marketing.
  3. Market the program to your area and state.
  4. Provide AJA with a list of your vendors that might be able to sponsor food and beverage for the event.
  5. Provide a training site, if possible, at your facility.
  6. Provide airport and local transportation for the instructors.
  7. Showcase your facility by offering a jail tour and transportation on one evening of the program.
  8. Assist with audiovisual needs as requested.

If you would like to become a Co-Host, click here to obtain the form.