How long does the certification process take?
Certified Jail Officer (CJO) candidates are notified within 3 to 5 business days if they are eligible to sit for the CJO exam. Upon notification of eligibility, they receive a welcome email from alertservices@PowerDMS.com with an exam link that is active for 30 days.

Due to the comprehensive application and a thorough review process, Certified Jail Supervisor (CJS) and Certified Jail Manager (CJM) applications require 28 days for notification of eligibility after submitting a complete application. Once the Jail Manager Certification Commission confirms the applicant is eligible to take the exam, the candidate receives a welcome email from alertservices@PowerDMS.com with a link that is active for 30 days.   

What score is needed to pass the certification exams?
CJO, CJS, and CJM exams require a minimum passing score of 80%.

Can anyone at my agency proctor my exam?
No. AJA requires your proctor to be either the agency’s AJA liaison, your supervisor, or a person of higher rank than the individual taking the exam. After the exam is taken, the proctor remits a signed proctor form to AJA. 
Is obtaining a CJO certification a prerequisite to becoming certified as a CJS or CJM?
No. We encourage applicants to apply for the certification that best aligns with their job experience and title.   

Are there any tools or strategies to help applicants pass the exams?
A study resource guide is listed on each certification page.

Where are the official certification documents mailed?
CJO documents are mailed to the agency liaison. If an agency doesn’t have a liaison, they are mailed to the CJO’s home address. CJS and CJM documents are mailed to the candidate’s home.


Where is the next conference?
The next Conference is in Fort Worth, Texas May 17 - 21, 2025. Additional upcoming conference dates and locations are found under “Conference” at Future Conferences.

When does registration open for the 2025 Conference & Jail Expo?
Registration opened early! Click here to access the registration page.

When does housing open for the 2025 Conference & Jail Expo?
Housing will open mid-August. 

I’d like to exhibit at the 2025 Conference & Jail Expo. Where can I find information?
Exhibitor information can be found under “Conference” at Exhibitor Information.(more information coming soon)

How can attending AJA’s Conference & Jail Expo benefit me and my facility?
Click here to see what the conference has to offer jail professionals.


How do I register for training or a leadership initiative?
Under the Education tab, locate your training interest and click on the registration link provided in the description.

Can I cancel my registration?
All cancellations for any events must be received in writing and are subject to a $50 service fee. Please note that some events may have a slightly different cancellation policy. Each policy is located in the description of the event.

If I am unable to attend an event for which I registered, can I designate a substitution?
Yes. Please contact Lori Bachtell at 301-857-2620 or click here to e-mail her.

Why is there a difference between member and nonmember pricing?
An AJA membership comes with multiple benefits for those working in corrections. One of the benefits includes discounts on training, certification, conferences, and other events.


Access iConnect the members-only online community. 
Select the link: 
iconnect community FAQs. It will provide you with everything you need to know about accessing the community. 


How can I join AJA?
Under the Membership tab, select Join Now for a membership application.

How do I log in to my profile?
User Name is the email under which you registered. Password is your contact ID. (Both are found on your membership card.)

What is an Email Verification Code?
When you first log in to your account, you receive a verification code via email. (Please check spam folder if you don't see it.) Please note that you receive a verification code any time that your email is changed in our system.

What if I don’t receive a Verification Code?
If you cannot locate the email with your verification code (after checking both your email and spam folders), click here to email Membership Coordinator April Caufield or call her at 301-857-2241.

How do I know which membership to select?
Click here to find the different memberships and their descriptions.

Can I renew my membership online?
Yes. Under the Membership tab, click Renew, where you are directed to the Online Membership Application Page.

Can I mail the membership form with a check for payment?
Yes. At the bottom of the membership page "Need to print the application" can be found at the bottom of the membership page. Select the Professional/Affiliate Member Application or the Corporate Membership Application for a printable pdf.


What can I write about?
Articles can be written about any topic related to jails. Topics have included facility operations, inmate programming, healthcare, security and special ops, staff training, recruitment and retention, and community/volunteer services.

Is there a word limit for my article, and what format should I use?
Use just enough words to tell the story, but limit article length to less than 3,500 words, which includes any references or resources and an author biography of 75 words or less. Articles need to be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.

Can I submit photos with my article?     
Yes, photos are encouraged. Please note that anyone pictured must have granted written permission for their image to be published. Photos must be submitted in a separate file, not embedded in the Word document or email.

Will I be involved in the editing process?
All articles are edited for grammar, clarity, and conciseness, and to the style guidelines/standards of the American Jail Association. Should the editing prove extensive, the author(s) are to review the edited article for accuracy.

Will I receive a copy of the magazine in which my article appears?
AJA sends each author one copy of the published magazine and an electronic version (PDF) of the article if requested. Additional copies of the most recent magazine may be purchased here.

Will I be paid for my article? 
No. AJA does not pay authors.

Who can I contact if I am interested in writing an article?
Contact Jody West at 301-857-2224 or click here to e-mail her.

Where can I find a full list of submission guidelines?
Click here for Article Submissions.
How do I log in to my profile?
Your User Name is the email with which you registered and your password is your contact Contact ID. (Both are found on your membership card.)
When I enter my user name & password for the first time, it mentions a “Verification Code. Where can I find it?
You receive a verification code via email when you first log in with your email. (Please check spam folder if you don't see it.) Please note that you also receive a verification code any time that your email is changed in our system.

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?
Select the "Forgot password link," which is found directly under the log in button on the home page.

How do I get a copy of an invoice?
Under "Account Details" in your membership account, select "My Invoices," click the "View Invoice" and select the printer icon.

Can I submit a payment using a credit card?
Yes. Under "Account Details" in your membership account, select "My Invoices," then select "Make Payment" on the invoice you want to pay.

Can I pay an invoice by check?
Yes. Be sure to include the invoice number at the bottom of the check and mail it to American Jail Association, PO Box 65048, Baltimore, MD 21264.

We hope that you found the answers to your questions. If not, please reach out to us at 30-790-3930. If there is a specific department question click here for the staff page where you can obtain a direct department contact.