Workshop Overview

2019 Workshop Overview

Subject to Change

Below is a current list of workshops offered for 2019, organized by Track.
The full workshop schedule is available here.

Saturday Immersive Workshops
  • A Jail Administrator's Toolkit
  • Franklin County Steps Up: Another Perspective into Reducing the Number of People with Mental Illness in Jail
  • Liability and Risk Management for Supervisors
  • Mentoring: A Renewed Element of Senior Management Responsibility
  • PREA: A Practitioner's Forum
  • Responding to a Persistent Challenge: How to Recognize and Reduce the Potential for Mortality in Jail

Behavioral/Mental Health
  • Changing Mindsets: The Road to Addressing Mental Health Challenges in Jail
  • Compassion: Connect, Communicate, and Care
  • Effective Management of Inmates on the Autism Spectrum: Defiance or Low Social Competence?
  • Emotional Illness and the Female Inmate
  • Jail-Based Competency Treatment: Solution to an Expanding Problem
  • No Shame, No Blame: Breaking the Silence of Mental Illness in Jails
  • Not Just an Urban Jail Problem: Strategies for Treating People with Behavioral Health Needs in Rural Jails
  • Prediction of Violence: Safer Management Using a Team Approach
Direct Supervision
  • Direct Supervision: Successes and Challenges
  • Strategic Inmate Management: NIC's Evolution of Direct Supervision and Inmate Behavior Management
Emerging Issues
  • Bail Reform
  • Denver Opportunity Index
  • Hiring and Recruitment in Jails: Get the Right Employee Fit! (Cosponsored by NIC)
  • Hot Topics
  • Legal Issues Update (Cosponsored by NIC)
  • LGBTQ Law Enforcement
  • Morale: How this Elephant in the Jail Adversely Impacts Your Most Critical Outcomes
  • Objective Classification & Elimination of Restrictive Housing
  • Opiates and Opioid Facts: Detection, Identification, and First Responder Protection
  • Protecting Our Jail Professionals: Mind and Body
  • Reform, Reform ... Transform
  • Restricted Housing and the Duty to Protect
  • Toxic Employees and How they Create a Toxic Jail
Medical Health
  • Correctional Medicine for the 21st Century
  • Death by Detoxification
  • Doing Your Part: Addressing the Opioid Crisis in Your Jail
  • Managing Your Risky Health Business
  • NCCHC Standards: What Jail Administrators Need to Know
  • Pathways to Collaboration: Fostering Communication between Health Care and Custody
  • RFP for Healthcare: How to Meet Your Needs & Protect Your Interests

  • Correctional Influence and Professionalism
  • Effective Ways to Manage and Reduce Violence in Correctional Facilities
  • Effects of Natural Disasters on Local Jails
  • Games Inmates Play: Inmate Manipulation
  • Improving Jail Safety Through Root Cause Analysis
  • Recipes for Controlling the Emotional Hijack When Roasted, Shaken, and Stirred Amid Crisis
  • Transport Challenges and Courtroom Management
  • Utilizing Force Option Training Platforms
  • Coloring Outside the Lines: Transforming Jail Culture
  • Four Steps to Comprehensive Reentry for People Addicted to Opioids
  • Increasing Public Safety by Breaking the Cycles
  • Pretrial Justice Program (PJP): Take Your Community Corrections to the Next Level
  • Progressive and Creative Approaches to Reentry
  • Successful Approaches in Community Corrections Reentry
  • They Served Us, Now We Can Serve Them: Veterans in Custody and Return to the Community
Special Topics
  • Denver Opportunity Index
  • Harris County's New Joint Processing Center: Modern Technology and Design Innovation
  • How Important is Your Jail Data
  • Inmates with Disabilities: Correctional Compliance with ADA
  • Intake Screening: Digging for the Hidden Dangers
  • Legislative Roundtable
  • Oops, It Happened Again! PREA Incident Review
  • Tell Your Own Story: Utilizing and Managing Social Media
  • "We've Never Done It Like That Before!" Creating a High-Reliability Organization
Training and Professional Development
  • Are We Reaching Them?
  • Creating a Remarkable Effective Training Plan
  • Ethics in Leadership: One Foundational Stone at a Time
  • Implicit Bias: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
  • Jump Start Your Jail's Leadership Development
  • Leading for Influence: It Matters What You Choose Each Day
  • New Generations: Why We Need Them and Why We Should Be Glad We Hired Them
  • Protecting Our Officers: Trauma-Informed Training for a Resilient Workforce
Tribal Nations
  • Tribal Law and Order Act: Four Years Later