Workshop Overview

2021 Workshop Overview

Subject to Change

Below is a current list of workshops offered for 2021, organized by Track.

The full conference schedule is available here.

  • Behavioral Management Unit: Policies, Procedures, and Pitfalls
  • Jails Use Data Too! Becoming a More Evidence-Based Jail
  • Learn More from Talking to Inmates: Classification Interview Techniques that Work

Direct Supervision/Strategic Inmate Management
  • Making Direct Supervision Work: Operationalizing Through Successes and Challenges Co-Sponsored by NIC
  • NIC’s Evolution of Direct Supervision and Inmate Behavior Management Co-Sponsored by NIC
  • Planning for a New or Renovated Jail? What Are the Steps? Co-Sponsored by NIC
  • Direct Supervision: A Supervisor’s Guide to Success Co-Sponsored by NIC
  • What’s Going On with Restrictive Housing in Jails? Mapping Prevalence and Conditions in U.S. Jails

Emerging Issues
  • Franklin County, Ohio Corrections Center: A Model Detention Facility
  • Gender-Responsive Strategies: Development of Gender Equity in Jails
  • Got Resources? Unlocking Solutions to Four Challenging PREA Standards
  • Hiring New Staff: Get Quick Results Now
  • PREA Audit Prep Bootcamp
  • Reimagining Jails and our Local Justice Systems for the Future
  • Using Public Relations and Social Media to Tell Your Department’s Story

  • A Conversation on Bias and Discrimination in Jail Work and Jail Staff Views
  • Assessing Future Leaders: Implementing a Character-Based Promotional Process
  • Black Swans vs. Grey Rhinos: Identifying and Utilizing the 10 Families of Risk
  • Gender Equity: Stories of Women Trailblazers Who Have Lead “Unapologetically” in Corrections
  • Multidimensional Crisis Management: A Predictive Framework for Mitigating Adverse Stakeholder Impacts
  • Servant Among Us: Servant Leadership in Corrections
  • Staff Conflict Resolution
  • The Leap to Management: How to Ensure Your Team Has the Skills to Succeed
  • The New Generations: How to Recruit, Retain, and Motivate
  • Unlocking Your Organization's Winning Culture with The Barcelona Way

Legal Issues
  • How Investigations Help Reduce Litigation Payouts for Your Jail
  • Internal Investigations: Avoiding Costly Pitfalls
  • Legal Issues Update: ADA and the Physical Plant, Medicated Assisted Treatment (MAT), and Gender Identity Co-Sponsored by NIC
  • Legal Issues Update: Inmate Religious Beliefs and Other First Amendment Matters Co-Sponsored by NIC
  • Legal Issues Update: Medical and Mental Health and Deliberate Indifference Co-Sponsored by NIC
  • Legal Issues Update: Use of Force in Corrections: The Duty to Intervene and De-escalation Efforts Co-Sponsored by NIC
  • The ADA and Our Jails: Delivering Service to All with Dignity and Respect
  • Understanding and Protecting the Safety of LGBTQI and GNC People in Confinement

Medical & Mental Health
  • Bridging the Care Gap: Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Justice-Involved Individuals with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)
  • COVID-19: Lessons We’ve Learned in our Detention Facilities
  • Heads and Tails of Jail Healthcare: ATI and Reentry
  • Keep the Wheels On: Jail Behavioral Health Services as “Hub and Spoke” in the Care Continuum
  • Suicide Prevention: The Life You Save May Also Be Your Own
  • Town Hall: CDC – A Partner to and Resource for Jails
  • Using Activity-Tracking Devices to Better Monitor Inmates with Chronic Needs
  • Why Did They Do That? Understanding How Trauma Shows Up in Jails

  • Beyond the Gates: Women Supporting Women in a Correctional Setting
  • Changing County Jail Systems Utilizing a Throughcare Rehabilitation Model
  • College & Career Readiness in a Jail? Oh Yeah!
  • Discharge Planning: Saves Money, Resources, and Vulnerable People
  • Programs on Parade: Programs that Work!
  • Reentry: Readying Justice-Involved Individuals for Reintegration

Security & Technology
  • Building Accountability: Develop Your Use-of-Force Review Unit
  • Court Security and Inmate Transport
  • Hands-Off Approach to Contraband Screening
  • How Integrated Justice Technology Transformed Operations for the Biggest Jail in the Southeast
  • Intelligence-Led Policing in Jails

Staff Wellness
  • Building Resiliency: The Dawn of the Mentally Strong Employee
  • Comprehensive Officer Resilience: A Toolkit for First Responders
  • Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Improving Staff Wellness
  • Master Your Resilience: EQ for Correctional Workers
  • Not Your Average Officer Wellness Course
  • Unspoken Killers: Corrections Officer Mental Self-Aid for Stress, PTSD, and Burnout

  • Survey of Jails in Indian Country (SJIC): Twenty Years of Data