Workshop Overview

2022 Workshop Overview

Subject to Change

Below is a current list of workshops offered for 2022, organized by Track.
Check back for more offerings as we add topics of critical interest to jail professionals!
A full workshop schedule will be released in February.

  • ADA Compliance in Corrections: Are You Prepared?
  • The Board of State and Community Corrections: Regulation Revision Changes and the Enhanced Inspection Process
  • Consent Decree History
  • Consent Decrees: Avoiding Them and Living with Them
  • Correctional Litigation 101

Emerging Issues
  • Dream Team: The Secret to Recruiting and Retaining
  • Effects of Natural Disasters on Local Jails
  • FBI Codebreakers
  • It Takes a Village: Collaboration Across County Lines in New Mexico
  • Optimize Use of Force Through a Review Unit
  • Powerful Ink: Below the Surface of Human Trafficking Tattoos
  • Time for the PREA Audit! Navigating the Auditor Procurement Process, Ensuring a Quality Audit, and Meeting the Requirements of the Department of Justice.
  • Using Public Relations and Social Media to Tell Your Department's Story

  • Are You Read for What's Next - After COVID-19?
  • Black Swans vs. Grey Rhinos: Identifying and Utilizing the 10 Families of Risk
  • Controlling Your Emotions Keeps YOU "Out of Jail"
  • Creating and Enhancing Community Trust: Improving Accountability and Transparency in Jail Operations
  • Everything Comes Down to Culture
  • Leading in the Aftermath: Strategies to Lead Effectively in Tough Times
  • The Politics of Leadership Development: Overcoming Barriers and Achieving Success

Legal Issues
  • How to Stay on the Right Side of the Bars
  • Jail Legal Issues: Parts 1 & 2
  • Reducing Suicide Attempts & Deaths: Eight Modifications Your Suicide Prevention Program Needs Now

Medical & Mental Health
  • Crisis Intervention Team Training: A Must-Have Tool for Jail Staff
  • The Jail Mental Evaluation Team Inside the Largest Jail in the U.S.
  • Learning to Love (or at Least Understand) MAT in My Facility
  • Managing Emergencies with Multiple Stakeholders: Lessons Learned from COVID-19
  • Naloxone (Narcan): From Dose Administration to Program Administration
  • Suicide Prevention: Clinical and Legal Implications
  • Tactical Emergency Medical Care for Corrections
  • Therapeutic Inmate Management Unit (Managing Inmates Suffering from Mental Illness)

  • Changing the Correctional Mindset: Creating a Culture for Recovery
  • Collaborative Programs for Reintegration or CPR: Breathing Life Back into Our Returning Citizens' Success
  • Jail Work Programs: It's Not in the Name; It's in the Process
  • Implementing a Successful Reentry in Rural Jails
  • Responding to the Diversified Needs of Families: A Family-Focused Approach to the Impacts of Incarceration
  • STAR (Striving to Achieve Recovery): An Innovative Jail Program Saving Lives and Reducing Recidivism

Security & Technology
  • Artificial/Augmented Intelligence: How is AI Showing Up? What's at Stake?
  • At the Intersection of Strategic Inmate Management and Jail Design
  • They Eyes Have It!: FBI Biometric Identification
  • Save Your Staff! Stop Inmates from Manipulating Jail Staff

Staff Wellness
  • Bouncing Back Better: How Understanding Vicarious Resilience Can Change Your Workday
  • Building Resilience: A Tactical Guide for Developing a Firm Foundation for Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Mindfulness-Based Wellness & Resilience Training for Jail Staff
  • Power of the Peer
  • Survive Past Five: Wellness Training You Won't Forget