2023 Call for Presentations

AJA’s Call for Presentations for the 42nd Conference & Jail Expo is CLOSED

Tentative - Important Dates
  • Call for Presentations closed on August 30, 2022..
  • Submitters were notified if their workshop submission had been accepted.
  • The workshop schedule will be finalized in February 2023.
  • The 2023 AJA Conference & Jail Expo is May 20-24, 2023 in Omaha, Nebraska.
AJA’s Conference & Jail Expo is the only national event that focuses exclusively on local jails and detention facilities. AJA attendees range from Corrections Officers, Trainers, and Managers to Medical Professionals, Jail Administrators, and Sheriffs. Attendees join for an engaging, educational, ground-breaking Conference with networking opportunities, professional development, and access to emerging jail technologies and products.

We invite you to submit thought-provoking, educational workshops that cover current topics, trends, and innovative programs and strategies that affect or can impact our Nation’s jails. Workshops are intended to provide attendees with training, professional development, and actionable takeaways to continue to improve careers and facilities. We are looking for submissions that address issues that affect the operation of jail facilities, provide tangible ways to adapt to change, and allow for personal and professional development and growth.

Successful Submissions
Due to the significant number of submissions we receive each year, not every submission can be selected. Strong submissions feature:
  • A strong and catchy title
  • Brief but informative topic description
  • 5 learning objectives
  • A topic that will interest a variety of the targeted audience

The 2023 Conference Tracks include:

Track: Strategic Inmate Management
Description:  In challenging  times of rising crime and incarceration rates,  coupled with  staff shortages strategic inmate management plays  a critical part of minimizing risk to the facility.  This includes new and innovative programming such as MAT, recreation services, psyche services and other targeted programs designed to strategically manage inmates while in custody and back into the community. 

Track:  Risk Liability & Legal Updates
Description:  More than ever before Risk Liability & Legal Updates are critical with emerging local, state and federal legislation, to include numerous court cases, liability awareness and training is an essential  part of a strong strategic operating plan for all agencies.

Track: Leadership Development
Description: Leadership Development is a significant part of any agencies succession plan and is critical to keeping the agency running well after retirements.  Baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, and the newcomers to the profession; all need sound leadership development for the agency to be successful.

Track: Agency Culture
Description: Improving agency culture is an imperative component in a wide variety of areas including wellness, recruitment, retention, and advancement of all staff.  A healthy culture can go a long way in combating all of these areas no matter the size of your agency.

Track: Classification & Programming Challenges
Description: Classification & Programming Challenges are unprecedented in corrections with skyrocketing mental health challenges, drug addiction, PREA and other high-liability concerns; Classification and Programming are once again front and center in addressing these issues.

Track: Jail Technology: A Force Multiplier
Description: Jail Technology is front and center in the world of corrections.  Private sector technology from drone detection, scanners, sensors, software and many others are now available at an unprecedented level that can greatly assist in solving many problems unique to corrections.

Track: Emerging Issues

Description: Proactive Strategies for Emerging Issues has brought together many innovative programs throughout the country including scalable private/public partnerships.  Administrators and supervisors are constantly seeking emerging solutions to decades old problems...now is the time! 
Track: Medical & Mental Health: Adversity & Solutions
Description: Medical and Mental Health has created unprecedented challenges in the care of inmates, which has led to many exciting solutions in identifying and treating underlying issues including Psyche Services, MAT programming and addressing discharge services. 

Track:  Staff Wellness:  The Next Steps
Last year, the Presidential Initiative was to acknowledge the well-being of staff as a priority to resilience and retention. Now, what is next step in creating wellness programming that creates a low stress workplace while addressing the physical and mental health of all staff?

Track: Tribal Jails: Confronting Change
Description: The many challenges of running a tribal facility are sometimes specific to an area, history, funding, the governing body and so much more. Share your knowledge with other under the tribal jail umbrella. Be a change agent for your community.

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