Printable Brochures

These brochures are written and provided specifically for Correctional Staff and their Families.


Good and Bad Guilt Having a Good Cry PTSD & Moving Forward Why do Bad Things Happen

A Breakup or Divorce Be & Pick a Good Spouse Family Relationships & Resources Healthy Relationships
Infidelity & Moving Forward Safeguard Marriage Deal with Conflict Yelling at Your Kid or Others  

A Breakup & Children Aged's Delusions, Hallucinatuions Back to School Anxiety Kids and Sex
Grow Kids into Adults Helping Aging Parents Kids and Pot Raising Kids
When a Kid is Bullied Single Parenting When a Kid Shuts Down Yelling at Your Kid or Others

Abandoned Grief that Lingers Grieving Loss of a Pregnancy Grieving the Death of a Workmate
Grieving the loss of a Pet Healing a Wounded Heart Infertility's Challenge Helping the Widowed
Helping Those who Lost Someone      

Combating Loneliness How to be Patient How to Forgive Others Apologies & Apologizing
Build Trust in Yourself & ... Communications Tips Dealing with Lying & Liars Dealing with Manipulators
Energy Vampires Having & Being a Friend How and When to Complain How to Help an Alcoholic &...
Living with a Bipolar Person Yelling at Your Kid or Others    

A Bible Summary A Just Death Sentence About Purgatory Advisors- How to pick good ones
Agnostics & Agnosticism Angels, Animals & You Are Atheists Evolutionists Right Bible Emergency Numbers
Dealing with Suffering Difficult Commands Eternity & Life Free Will - How to use it
Getting in God's Way How to Have Faith or More of it How to Have Hope How to Predict Your Future
How to Read the Bible Judging Others Life After Death Police Authority
Should God let Bad Christians.. St. Patricks Day Strategies for Suffering What are Angels
What is Lent What is the Trinity What's Your God Like Why and How to Pray
Why are there 4 Gospels Why do Bad Things Happen Why Obey Gods Laws Why Old & New Testaments
Why Read and Believe the Bible Worried About the Future    

Beat Depression Combating Loneliness Anxiety replaced with Peace Defeating Temptation
Expectations & Contentment Feeling Unloved Get a Grip on Grumbling Get Free from Addiction
Good and Bad Guilt Having a Good Cry Holidays can Hurt How to be Patient
How to Forgive Myself How to Forgive Others How to Rest and Have Fun Optimize Shyness
Self-discipline Good Habits Stay Alert and Sleep Better Writing Emotions Out End Gaming Addiction

Crisis Preparation Growing Resilience Handling Change at Work How to Solve Problems
Overcoming Porcrastination Keeping Work Separate Benefits of Integrity Effective Leadership
Handle Money Wisely Telling Detainees NO You're Retiring!  

After Suicide-1st Steps After Suicide - Attempt Suicide Prevention Contacts Thoughts of Self-Harm
You've Lost Someone to Suicide After Someone Attempted Helping a Survivor of Suicide