Event Agenda

AJA 2024 Conference and Jail Expo Agenda

This schedule is tentative and subject to change. For the list of workshops and exhibitors click here

Friday, May 17 
6pm-8pm                    Attendee Registration

Saturday, May 18
7am-5pm                    Attendee Registration
8am-5pm                    Partnership Saturday Sessions (click here for schedule)
1pm-5pm                    Exhibitor Registration/Exhibitor Set Setup
1pm-5pm                    Jail Tours Sign-Up
5pm-6:30pm               Welcome Reception

Sunday, May 19
7am-7pm                    Attendee & Exhibitor Registration
7am-7:45am               Sponsored Breakfast Presentation by Indivior

7:30am-8am               First-Time Attendees: Welcome to AJA
8am-9am                    Nondenominational Worship Service
8am-3pm                    Exhibitor Setup
8am-5pm                     Jail Tours Sign-Up
8am-11:15am             Workshops
11:30am-1pm             AJA Opening Luncheon & Business Meeting
1:15pm-5pm               Workshops
1:30 -5:00pm               Jail Tours
2pm-4pm                    iConnect Live Sessions
5:15pm-7pm               Jail Expo Ribbon Cutting & Grand Opening Reception
7pm-10pm                  Hospitality Events

Monday, May 20
7:30am-5pm               Attendee Registration
8:30am-10am             Plenary Session with Keynote Speaker
8am-2pm                    Exhibitor Registration
10am-2pm                   Jail Expo
10:15am-12:05pm      iConnect Live Sessions
2:00pm-5:30pm         Jail Tours
2pm-5:15pm               Workshops
6pm-10pm                  Hospitality Events

Tuesday, May 21
Criminal Justice Student Day
7:30am-2pm               Attendee Registration
8:30 am—9:30am       AJA President’s Initiative Session
8am-11am                   Exhibitor Registration
9:30am-11am             Criminal Justice Student Q&A
9:30am-12:30pm        Jail Expo
10:15-11:05am            iConnect Live Sessions
12:30pm-5:00pm         Jail Tours
12:30pm-5:30pm       Workshops
6pm-7pm                    Awards Reception
7pm-9pm                    AJA Annual Awards Banquet
9pm-Midnight            Club AJA After Party

Wednesday, May 22
7:30am-10:00am        Attendee Registration
8am-11:15am             Workshops
11:30am - 12:30pm    Closing Session