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“The Little County That That Could”: Low Cost, Community Based Small County Inmate Programs

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Title: “The Little County That That Could” - Low Cost, Community Based Small County Inmate Programs
No doubt, the criminal element is a cancer on our society.  Is it better to treat that cancer at stage 3 or 4 with a 30% chance of success? Or does logic dictate that better results can be achieved if we treat it at stage 1 or 2 with a 70% chance of success. For better than a half of a century we have treated this problem at stage 3 or 4. With little or no attention paid to the early stages of criminal activity, where we can do the most good.

This course explores front end redirection at a small county level with a low cost, community based program structure. Dismantling the “us against them” mentality, improving jail atmosphere not only reduces risk to your staff but can also reduce operating cost.

Public awareness of the treatment of incarcerated individuals on a county level demands that we interact in a fair and just manner. We as Agents of our respective states are sworn to it.
There are many low cost programs and free resources that can improve public opinion and return these individuals to productive citizens while benefiting facilities that house them by Controlling Cost, improving Officer Safety and strengthening inmate behavior control.

Join us for this comprehensive look at how you can make your job easier, safer and improve the health of our community, all at no cost to the taxpayer.
Instructor: Sgt. Anthony Hardee
Sgt. Anthony Hardee has spent his career in Law Enforcement studying the dynamics of Inmate Programs in the areas of Cost Savings, Officer Safety and Inmate Behavior Control. Having worked for the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office for eight years, and this process has resulted in significant savings, increased Officer Safety and better Inmate Control.
With a background in commercial construction Sgt. Hardee has combined this experience of building teams to complete large projects, in various states and on budget into a comprehensive theory that has practical applications for every small jail in the nation
Hardee holds the rank of Sergeant and is the only TECOLE Certified Instructor to teach inmate programs in the state of Texas. He also holds a State license for Texas Adult Basic Education Instructor and is a GED Testing administrator.
Presenting at the Travis County National Event “Vision Summit” the last four years this program has already been shared with numerous counties throughout the country as well as being presented at the Texas Jail Conference where over 22% of the conference population attended this valuable informational presentation.


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