Workshop Overview

2018 Workshop Overview

Subject to Change

Below is a current list of workshops offered for 2018, organized by Track.
For a full schedule of workshops with presenters and descriptions, click here.

Sharing Solutions Saturday - Complimentary Preconference Workshops
  • ICE (Implicit Bias, Cultural Relativism, and Ethics) Breakers
  • I'm a Jail Administrator! Now What?
  • Jail Administrators and Jail Inspectors: Working Together to Make a Stronger, Safer Jail
  • Mental Health First Aid

California Specific
  • Building the Next Generation of Jails
  • California Legislative Update
  • Crash Course: Funding and Other Resources to Support Your Jail and Local Public Safety Strategies
  • Medi-Cal Inmate Program
Data Mining & Cyber Security
  • "Who's Who in Your Jail?" Screening to Determine the Risks and Needs of Your Jail Population
  • Correctional Intelligence Task Force (CTIF)
  • Corrections Technology in the Future: Where Are We Heading?
  • Cybersecurity in Correctional Facilities
  • Do You Know Your Numbers? Developing Accurate Baseline Data to Set Goals and Measure Progress
Direct Supervision
  • Administrator's Role in Direct Supervision
  • Revisiting the Time Tested Principles of Direct Supervision Management
  • So You Want to be a Supervisor in a Direct Supervision Jail?
  • Ups and Downs of Transitioning into Direct Supervision
  • "I Hear A Train Coming!" Identifying Problems Before They Become Consequences
  • Character: The Most Important Perishable Skill
  • Inside the Attitude
  • Leadership, Management, Jail Operations & Other Interesting Things Learned from YouTube Videos
  • Making Their Development Our Priority
  • Managing Smarter Matters
  • Reform, Reform, Transform
  • ADA Compliance in Corrections: Are You Prepared?
  • Five Ways to Get Sued
  • Jail Death Reviews and Investigations: Best Practices and Lessons Learned
  • Legal Updates - Cosponsored by NIC
  • Risk Liability Versus Jail Operations
  • Legislative Roundtable
  • Solitary Confinement Act and the Evolving Changes with ACA Standards
Medical Health
  • Breaking Boundaries: A Collaborative Approach to Addressing Mental Illness in Jail
  • Conquering the Cost/Quality Conundrum
  • Death by Detoxification
  • Effective Jail Commander Oversight of Mental Health and Medical Contractors 101
  • Jail Staff and Their Risk of Exposure to Fentanyl and Carfentanil
Mental Health
  • Creating a Best Practice Suicide Prevention System: A Jail’s Model of Innovation
  • Creative Programming for Mentally Ill Inmates
  • De-Escalation & Verbal Resolution Training
  • The Stepping Up Initiative: Research-Based Strategies to Identify People with Mental Illnesses in Jail
  • Timely Screening and Assessment to Reduce the Number of People with Mental Illness in Jail
  • Behavioral Management Unit: Policies, Procedures, and Pitfalls
  • Custody K-9 Program Development, Implementation, and Training
  • Gender Identity: A National Perspective Featuring the Los Angeles County Jail's Approach - Cosponsored by NIC
  • Inmate Manipulation
  • Reviewing "Sentinel" Events in Jails: Learning from Bad Outcomes - Cosponsored by NIC
  • Riot Prevention and Hostage Survival
  • Solving Your High Security/Segregation Issues & Housing the Charleston Church Shooter
  • The Right Way to Plan Jail Capacity: How to Use Yesterday's and Today's Data to Plan for the Future
  • Video Visiting and Maintaining Family Connections
  • When Disaster Strikes: Lessons from Florida and Texas
  • Overcoming PREA Challenges and Getting the Latest PREA News
  • PREA: The Organized Approach to Compliance
  • What is a PREA Incident Review? Are They Important?
  • Administrative Segregation: Changing The Way We House and Program Inmates‎
  • Are Your TVs Working for You?  An Innovative Approach to Reentry Programming
  • Drug Court and Pretrial Services
  • Establish a Community-Based Veteran Program and Housing Unit
  • Implementing a Cognitive Behavioral Change Program for Community Supervision
  • Making Behavioral Health, Wellness, & Stress Management a Priority: Prison SMART
  • The Many Faces Of Best Practice
Special Topics
  • Children of Incarcerated Parents - Cosponsored by NIC
  • How to Get a Leg Up: The Benefits of Certification and How It Is the Pathway to Promotion and Accreditation
  • Is Money Escaping From Your Jails?
  • Keeping The Super Heroes Super
  • Leading Where Badges Are Worn
  • Managing Emerging Demands for Inmate Separation
  • Right Detainees for the Right Reasons: The Case for Improved Pretrial Justice
  • Stress Management for the First Responder
Training Personnel
  • Policy-Based Training
  • Powerful PowerPoint
  • The Crucial First Year
  • Why Training Fails and How to Make it Succeed
Tribal Nations
  • Implementing and Sustaining Programs and Services to Tribal Jails